Often times buyers will want to know if the home has pets.  While we love our pets that doesn’t necessarily mean the potential buyer will.  Some people are afraid of pets, while others may love them but be allergic.  And let’s face it some let their pets rule the house.  While this is great for the pets it’s not great for the person trying to sell their home or the potential buyer.  Here are a few helpful tips that hopefully will make both the seller and buyer happier.

Pet Damage
Pet damage is never attractive when selling your home.  Repair any damage to your home, furniture or fences before showing.  By doing this you will also increase the value of your home.

If you have carpeting make sure that you routinely clean it to remove any stains or allergens.  Remember that carpet harbors pet odors and allergens and that we as homeowners get “used” to the smell of our own homes.  Ask your realtor their opinion and please listen to them when they tell you what you need to do.

Durable Flooring
If possible try to pick a pet-friendly floor covering.  While hardwood is beautiful keep in mind that it may show wear and tear from pets nails sooner that concrete or tile flooring.  Be sure to research the best flooring for you and your pets.

Install a Dog or Cat Door
A dog or cat door is often a good idea this will help them go in and out as they need to.  This will also help prevent accidents if no one is home to let them out.  Note:  You may want to lock it at night, raccoons have been know to use them also.

Stain-Resistant Furniture
We all know that no matter how times we tell our pets to stay off the furniture they are going to do it anyway.  Make sure you furniture is stain resistant and can be easily cleaned.  Leather is easy to clean but pet’s nails can scratch or tear it so you may need to take extra care with it.

Custom feeding area
Kitchens, mudrooms and laundry rooms are great areas to build a custom feeding area for your pets.  This way you can keep your pet’s food and water bowls, treats and extra food out of sight when not in use.

Pet Beds
Pet beds help keep down the wear and tear on your furniture.  Even if your pets sleep with you you can enhance their comfort by getting them a bed of their own.

Outdoor areas
Pets can be hard on your lawn.  By creating a concrete or hard surface area for pets to take care of their business you can keep your lawn beautiful and clean up a breeze.

Pet toys
Pet toys are like children’s toys when showing your home, try to keep them in a tidy space.

Keep in mind not everyone likes pets.  Some people are actually afraid of pets.  For the safety of your pets and the potential buyers remove the pets from your home if possible when you have a scheduled showing.