Going on a vacation can help you create unforgettable memories that you can relive with pleasure later in life. However, nothing spoils a holiday more quickly than returning from the trip abroad to find that something has gone seriously wrong at home.

Apartments and houses that are left empty when going on a vacation are a tempting target for criminals. Other than that, natural forces such as lightening or a heavy storm can do heavy damage to your belongings when you leave things in the open without taking proper precautions.

That’s why it is imperative that you take proper actions to ensure that you don’t get a shock when you return home from a vacation. Here we will highlight some of the do’s and don’ts that can help you to keep your home safe when spending a holiday abroad.

Do Unplug Electronic Items

Remember to unplug electronic items when going on a holiday. Power surges and lightning may toast your electronic items that are plugged in. Even if you have electronic surge protectors installed, it is suggested to unplug the devices to be on the safe side. 

Don’t Leave Your Valuables in the Open

Avoid leaving the valuables such as jewelry items out in the open. Consider putting them in a safe place in a locker.  A good quality safe box will not only protect your valuable from being stolen  but also avoid them from being melted in the event of a house fire.

Do Set Interior Light on Timers

Consider setting your interior lights on timers to give an impression that you are home. A number of high tech apps allow you to control your home’s lighting from your Smartphone. You can buy a light timer from your local hardware store. 

Don’t Publicize your Vacation

You should not chatter about your exotic vacation abroad on social media posts. The best time to do this is after you come back from the vacation. Posting information about your trip abroad is like tipping off criminals about their next target. 

Do Inform the Post Office to Hold Mail

When going on a vacation, you should inform your local post office to hold all your mail. You can fill out a request at the post office, or complete an online form by visiting Holdmail.usps.com.

Don’t Close the Blinds when on a Vacation

Don’t close the blind when going on a vacation. This will tempt criminal to enter the room and get down to business in complete privacy. When you leave the blinds open it will increase the chances that would be criminals will avoid entering the house. 

As you prepare to jet off to a memorable holiday in a foreign land, it is easy get caught up in all the planning and packaging needed for the trip. But this should not make you forget to secure your most valuable belongings at home. By keeping in mind the simple tips presented above, you can leave your home with peace of mind knowing that your valuables will be protected when you are on vacation.