Keeping the exterior of your house in good condition not only keeps it looking great, but also extends its lifespan, thereby maintaining its value. It’s important that you keep as much focus on the exterior of your house as the interior. I know it may be intimidating to think of all the tasks that need to be done to keep the house in tip-top condition, but once you know these helpful reminders of what needs to be done, the task won’t seem stressful at all and you may even enjoy the work required to maintain the house.

So in this post, I’ll share with you a list of ideas that will help you in sprucing up the outside of your house. Go through them, you’ll certainly find these tips useful and they will save you a lot of headaches and costs later down the road.

Install Gutter Protection

Consider installing a gutter guard system if you don’t have one. This will prevent the debris from accumulating in the gutters. Today a number of advanced gutter protection system are available that have flat surface and special angled ski slopes. With a gutter guard system installed water will flow into the gutter and all the leaves, twigs, or other debris can fall off of the gutter.
This will ensure that the rainwater does not accumulate on the roof of the house, which can later do some serious structural damage to the house.

Wash Outdoor Furniture

Do you have furniture placed outside on the patio or in the garden? Give it awash with the hose, or scrub and wash with a mild cleanser. For metal furniture, check for indications of rust or paint chipping. One basic solution to protect from sun damage is applying UV protective spray to the furniture that can be purchased from any hardware store. Make sure that the spray matches the material of the furniture. For instance, do not use spray suitable for wood furniture on a metal frame. SunGuard and Starbrite are two quality UV protective sprays that can protect your furniture from weathering and deteriorating.

Prevent Freezing of External Pipes

A big issue, especially during the winter, is freezing pipes. Once the pipe freezes, it will burst, resulting in costly repairs. In order to avoid this problem you must insulate the exposed water pipes outside, which is known as lagging. Insulating the pipes will prevent frigid temperature from freezing the water inside the pipe. Apart from preventing damage to the house this will save you money in utility bills, as less energy will be required to keep the water warm during winters.

Exterior Walls Maintenance

Check the exterior wall of the house. Do you notice any discoloration, soft wood, damage, or moisture build-up? Consider repainting the exterior wall in case of discoloration. In fact, you should have the external wall repainted every five years. Moreover, you should reseal areas around the wall penetrations such as windows, doors, and vents with silicon, if necessary. To avoid moisture damage to the outside walls, consider installing insulation batts in the exterior walls. You can install fiberglass or spray insulation batting. Once installed it will not only protect the exterior wall from sun damage but also help reduce outside noise.