Fall is here ya’ll and winter is on its way!

The leaves are falling and it’s a good idea to do some seasonal maintenance on your home. Here are some things to add to your fall “honey-do” list.

To help keep your winter heat cost down. Have your furnace inspected and cleaned so that the air will be healthy in your home.  By doing this in the fall your furnace will be ready to use when ole man winter hits!

Apply a fresh coat of exterior paint and caulking.   Caulking those doors and windows will help keep them from being so drafty.

Inspect your roof or have a certified roof inspector check it out. You’ll want to check for shingles that are cracked, buckling, or missing. Check for caulking that needs to be replaced, or moss or lichen, which could indicate deterioration.

Check for mold. The humidity of summer can cause mold to flourish. Check locations such as around leaky pipes or areas that don’t have good ventilation. You will want to remove the mold as soon as possible by a professional.

Replace weatherstripping on doors. Cold air coming in means heat is going out the door which means your utility $$$ are escaping to the outside. You can find weatherstripping at your local hardware store, it’s a quick and simple fix.

Check for airflow. Areas like vents, the hood over your stove, dryer vents, baseboard heaters and room fans where cold air can seep in.


Clean and repair gutters and downspouts. Clogs in gutters and downspouts can cause the roof to leak, which can lead to a host of other problems.  Keep that water flowing on the outside of your home!

Make sure your siding is in good repair.  Here in the Cooper Young area a lot of homes have siding.  Check for curling, splitting and cracking.  Caulking and painting will help keep the winter moisture out and help prevent further damage.

Inspect your insulation, there are a lot of older homes in our area that weren’t insulated that great when built.  The most important area to check is your attic. You should have the highest concentration of insulation here. See if there are any gaps that need to be filled. Check the insulation in your walls also if you are experiencing heat issues.

Make sure both your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors have fresh batteries. A good rule of thumb is to change the batteries when you set your clocks back.  It’s smart to test them, also.  Both are especially important once your furnace is in use.

Each season brings its own challenges and wear-and-tear on your home.  Since fall is here and winter is on its way you can go into the season secure that your home is in tip-top shape!