Guidelines define an arboretum as an area with a significant amount of woody vegetation in tree form that is cultivated for educational, scientific, or aesthetic purposes. A certified arboretum must be open to the public, the trees must be properly labeled for educational purposes, and they must be properly protected and maintained.

The Central Gardens area and soon the Cooper-Young area are proud to hold this honored designation.

In 2008 Central Gardens became only one of two Level III Accredited Arboretum in the State of Tennessee.  It is currently the only one in West Tennessee and is home to more than 90 species of trees, many are more than 80 years old.

Central Gardens is very proud to have this designation, it is  very rare because most are located in botanic gardens or parks.

Arboreta is a specialized type of botanical garden that focuses on trees and other woody plants.  Arboreta collect, grow, and display trees, shrubs, and other plants for people to study and enjoy, and ideally are open to the public for education and inspiration.  A principal goal of arboreta is to encourage and support the planting and conservation of trees for environmental and enhanced quality of life.

Central Gardens also has a tree replacement program to help reforest/retree its beautiful neighborhood.  You must be a of the CGA to request a free tree to be planted on your property, just one of the terrific perks to living in this great neighborhood.

Our thanks and continued support go out to Christine Conley, Emily Bishop, Kim Halyak, and Judi Shellabarger who have been taking classes since 2015 at the Memphis Botanic Gardens to become certified as Urban Forestry Advisors. Cooper-Young is on its way to becoming a level three certified arboretum hopefully by March 2017.  A Level 3 Arboretum – 90 different species of trees labeled. The Botanic Gardens are printing the signs to label the trees.  The map on the website and the pamphlet are taking shape.  Part-time staff or volunteers will be available for special tours once everything is in place.  We will keep you posted on the progress of the Cooper-Young Level 3 Arboretum.