Home design trends are always evolving. What’s in today might not be so popular in the future. If you are thinking about remodeling your house it will be helpful if you know about the latest home design trends.

Here we will present seven of the most popular home design trends that you should consider when remodeling a house.


  1. Two Tone Kitchen Cabinet

A trendy home design these days is a two-tone kitchen cabinet with the upper cabinets in a lighter color and the lower cabinets with deeper color and wood tones. This contrasting look improves the overall appeal of the kitchen.

  1. Large Tiles in Kitchens and Bathrooms

Large tiles have made a comeback in kitchens and bathrooms this year. People are installing 12 x 24 inches or even 31 x 71 inches tiles that create a stunning experience in the rooms. Indeed, large tiles look classier as compared to laminated and wood floors.

  1. Style Mash-Up

Style mash-up refers to modeling the rooms in different styles such as light wood accents, contemporary white walls and floors, textural fabrics, and a platform bed. This gives homeowners the freedom to be more creative and personalize the rooms to their exact requirements.

  1. Clever Storage Solutions

A trendy remodeling design for 2016 is creating clever storage solutions that maximize space in the kitchen. The aim is to make it easier to reach pans and pots, and save time when preparing meals. People are opting for smart corner drawers that are cut on a diagonal thereby eliminating wasted space at the corners.

  1. Remodeling for Greater Safety

Another home remodeling trend is making the home safer for the residents. These include eliminating slipping hazards due to slippery surface or transitions between rooms, and replacing stairs with more open designs that maximize mobility for older people.

  1. Dedicated Dining Room

Homeowners today are remodeling the house to create formal dining room to entertain the guests. They are pouring attention to these rooms and making them more lavish, roomy and more decorative.

  1. Digitally Connected House

Smartphone, internet, and other digital gadgets have transformed the way we live today. An increasing number of homeowners are upgrading their homes by installing high tech gadgets such as lights and blinds that can be controlled using apps. They now offer voice activated door control systems and even TV lifts that hide the HDTV when not in use. You can look forward to more high tech advances in the future!

When you are ready to remodel a house, you should make sure to consult with a professional and expert interior design expert. Another good idea would be to start collecting inspiring and trendy home design photos, samples, and ideas. Just make sure to know about the costs of the remodeling project before making any commitments as this will help you avoid any inconvenience later on.